Little Things: Beauty

Sometimes we need to just take a moment to focus on the little things.

Like this bouquet on my bathroom vanity last week.

daffodils, grape hyacinth, and a few weedy things assembled by a three year-old

You will notice I don’t have the most photo-worthy bathroom. Not because I don’t clean it (but, seriously, with four kids under 8 years-old living here cleaning never lasts long anyway); rather, we just haven’t put a lot of effort into this particular room since moving here almost-five years ago. So the peeling contact paper wall treatment has stayed. And the crumbling vanity. And the medicine cabinet that only ever had one mirrored sliding door but now has none.

Okay, okay! I’m supposed to be talking about beauty, right?! The fact is, none of us have perfect homes or perfect lives or perfect selves. We could dwell on that, zeroing-in on all the ways we need to improve and spending anxious, precious years of our lives grasping for the mirage of perfection. OR, we can focus in on those things that are beautiful and life-giving right now. Like the assortment of blooms and weeds that was picked and arranged by a very-excited-about-all-the-hundreds-of-flowers! three year-old. Putting it in the bathroom in particular is like serving notice to myself whenever I go in there: pay attention to the beauty around you, woman, not just to those things you wish you could change!

Change can be good, necessary even at times. But honestly, I have indoor plumbing which is already the purpose of the bathroom fulfilled, right?

We don’t have to walk around waiting for beauty to bonk us over the head. What’s the point in saving all the goodness of life for vacation? We are created in the image of a wildly creative God, so let’s use our various gifts to make beauty right here, right now where we need it.

How have you created or experienced a moment of beauty this past week? Do you have any daily or seasonal rituals to remind yourself of the goodness of life?

with love, Anita

2 thoughts on “Little Things: Beauty

  1. I visited 2 greenhouses on Saturday and they are filled with beauty at this time of year! I brought/bought some of it to create some beauty in the flowerbeds around our house.


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