Four Lists I’m Constantly Curating

Why do we love making lists? Here is a list suggesting 10 Reasons why. Get it? A list about why we love lists!

Then there’s the the question about why we love to read lists on the internet (and elsewhere). Here’s a list addressing that.

Whether it’s an attempt to control chaos in my life, the satisfaction of getting ideas into a written form of the pleasure of crossing things off, I have to admit I also love lists (and am guilty of taking the click bait so often offered these days).

Unfortunately, most of my lists are the mental kind, which means I often lose track of what’s on them. My husband and I used to joke (before we had smartphones) that we needed to put this or that idea down on our mental “List of Things to Forget”. So effective.

So, what are the lists I’m usually working on?

1. Writing Ideas I actually have a computer list for story ideas, but the record of ideas for writing on this blog range from a note-taking app on my phone, to an actual notebook I carry around in my bag, to a computer document. Obviously need a little more organization with this one!

2. Constantly Evolving List of Things to Do Today As a stay-at-home mom this list is constantly evolving because the needs around me are constantly changing. While I have my overall goals for any given day (Three loads of laundry, Prepare and serve meals and snacks, Pick flowers off the newly-planted strawberries, etc.) things come up that need to be inserted on a regular basis–Change diaper, Eat margin of brownies when time and secrecy afford, and Apply kisses and bandaids–for example, can quickly take precedence over any other item on the list at any given time. Yesterday I counted no less than five interrupted tasks I had going on at one point. And some of those tasks never got finished.

3. Books I want to Read This list is updated whenever I get to the library, honestly. Those books that I checked out with good intentions last time but never cracked get crossed off this list and replaced by newer submissions. I don’t have an e-reader, so there’s usually a literal stack of literal books that make up this list. I’m currently reading “Free to Learn” which I was laughing to myself today was for my career development (it’s about the idea of child-directed education which in some form we are timidly engaging upon with our own children).

4. Groceries Boring, yes, but necessary. It is generally worth my time to actually write this one in ink or graphite on a little piece of paper I can stick in my pocket. I went to the store with a mental note to “buy cabbage” the other night, and ended up overflowing my cart with more than $90 worth of purchases. I might have bought all of this anyway, but a list helps to direct and remind me of what I really need.

a blurry kid/grow-up collaborative grocery list
my faves: lists in little kid writing

So, what lists are you working on these days? Do you write them down with a pen, use a digital app, or just try to keep it all in your head?

with love, Anita

3 thoughts on “Four Lists I’m Constantly Curating

  1. I love the idea of “curating” a grocery or to-do list. I’m constantly losing both of those…maybe taking them more seriously will help me keep track of those precious pieces of paper!


  2. Oh yes, Anita, lists are very important as I get older! I used to grocery shop without a list and didn’t have any problems with that. But now, I make a list and carry it (on paper) to the store(s)–helps me come back home with what I really need. Thank you for posting this blog.


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