Real Life Still Life: One

As a mom to four children age almost-eight and under I happen upon odd little scenes all the time. For instance, a set of old cat food containers arranged by the back door with little nests of grass neatly tucked into them. A scattering of animal teeth by the welcome mat.

Or, I happen to notice something lovely (a la this post) that I want to capture in a photograph just for the sake of finding art (or feeling artistic) in the everyday and remembering to look out for it again. A lovely cascade of sea-colored towels waiting to be folded. A monochromatic array of shoes tumbled in a shoe bin by the door.

The images I will post in this series are found and photographed as is, not arranged.

With all that said, I hereby initiate the series “Real Life Still Life” with a humble interpretation of the classic table vignette.

a jumble of foods and little bouquets in jars fill the center of a table
Lunch Bouquet

Sometimes I will simply offer the image with no further description, and sometimes there will be an explanatory note.

If you have an image you would like to share, shoot us an e-mail on the Contact page!


with love, Anita

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