Flower Life

Isn’t the will or the biological drive to survive amazing?!

Earlier this summer I was watching my volunteer sunflowers grow from little baby seedlings to gigantic stalks with dinner-plate-sized leaves. I got excited when I saw the flower heads start to form. Soon the gorgeous golden faces would open to the sun!

Then something happened to the biggest sunflower that was just getting ready to open. I think the roots got torn out of the ground and the stalk very quickly bent over and dried up in the heat. I looked at it sadly every time I passed by but didn’t take the time to rip it out and toss it down the bank to my Weed-and-Spent-Flowers Graveyard.

And then . . .

That stalk had enough life in it and was close enough to blooming that the flower opened up! I was so surprised that I probably took more joy from it blooming in this state than I would have if it had remained healthy and strong all the while.

What an image of life from death! A little “valley of dry bones” in my flower garden. I’m carrying it with me for those times I feel discouraged and dry. “[The Lord] asked me, ‘Can these bones live?’ I said, ‘O Sovereign Lord, you alone know.'” (Ezekiel 37.3)


How is God speaking to you these days? Have you found any encouraging images in your garden or in the natural world around you?

with love, Anita

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