a poem by Sherah-Leigh Gerber

Would I have noticed the sky this morning
if I hadn't been dashing out with the trash can 
between frying eggs and packing backpacks?

Would I have noticed how black turns to gentle grey;
how soft pink creeps in and bleeds to orange
if I had not been lying awake long before the alarm was to blare?

Would I have noticed the gradation of blues
that layer on each other forming the blue ridge
hemming me in behind and before?

Would I have noticed God's gifts of beauty 
if not in desperate need of a sign of God?
Would I?
Gorgeous sunrise over the mountains
photo by Gwen Lantz

Consider: What might God be inviting you to notice in the midst of the ordinary and mundane of your day? What gifts might God be giving you that have gone unnoticed? 

2 thoughts on ““Notice”

  1. The huge, dark eyes of my little boy when I have to get down close and personal for some discipline. I’m usually not in the mood right then to be very tender, but sometimes I notice.


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