Poem for a moment* (first draft)

Children paint at the kitchen table
a rooster crows in the chicken shed
the bathroom fan hums, and the wood stove cools

front door slams open and shut
boots stomping in and out
on the urgent business of a childhood day

I sit in front of this computer
willing inspiration to set my fingers typing
trying to let the activity wash around me

but children are full of life and questions
needing the odd instruction here or there
demanding attention for their wet painted things

they are not the water rushing down the creek
rather they are the little stones, tumbling in its current
bumping, jolting, sanding me smooth

The “moment” in which I wrote this has obviously passed. The paints have dried. The photo was taken, copied onto the computer, uploaded. In the meantime, seeds were planted, children have fought, and I have had to deal with some major anger over various behaviors. In fact, that hot feeling is in my heart right now.

I’m breathing in. Holding. Breathing out slowly. It’s my “balloon breath” strategy, and I’ve asked the kids to help me remember to do it when they notice I’m acting angry.

This moment, too, shall pass.

We will all calm down. We will get angry again. We will be creative. We will continue to learn how to be more like Christ. Please, God, let it be.


What would your poem for the moment you are in right now sound like? Or was there a moment from earlier in your day that stands out in your mind? We’d love to hear your thoughts too! Use the comments or shoot an e-mail at the Contact page. Many blessings.

with love, Anita

4 thoughts on “Poem for a moment* (first draft)

  1. “Major anger it comes like steam, billowing and bulging up from my belly, taking me by surprise but I am not ready to let it go, I want that hot red feeling, yet how can it stay while little eyes are watching, it must blow away in a calming breath, so the peace of God can fill its space.”

    Thank you for your poem and for your honesty. I need to do some balloon breaths, too:)


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