Are you crunchy?

Photo by Marcin Skalij on Unsplash

You know you’re a crunchy woman when . . .

. . . the change in seasons brings genuine excitement over the perfect creamy consistency of your homemade deodorant*! (not coincidentally, your bathroom is the coldest room all winter in your wood-stove-heated house)

You know you’re only a semi-crunchy woman when . . .

. . . you keep checking out the Country Journal Woodburner’s Cookbook and returning to the library unread.


Ha. Do you consider yourself “crunchy”? How would you fill in the blank . . . ?

with love (and a grin), Anita

*P.S. Some deodorant recipes you can try at home! I make the one with shea butter.

One thought on “Are you crunchy?

  1. Haha. I was just thinking recently how it is so nice to not have to scrape my deoderant out of the jar with my fingernail 🙂


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