Recipe for Spring

by Gwen Lantz

photo by Anita

Recipe for Spring

1 blustery day
4 c. warm soil
1 c. dirty dog
3 c. happy daffodil faces
1 Tbsp seeds
Smattering precocious weeds
Smidgen of lenten ashes
Liberal amounts of bird song and laughing children

Take above regenerative ingredients and mix liberally with hope and rainfall for a full springtime experience.  Patient baking in the sunshine will also yield lazy summer days full of warm garden produce. 

Here is the dirty dog–unfortunately/fortunately you can smell her!

What signs of spring give you hope during these troubled times?  What disciplines give you renewed energy?

2 thoughts on “Recipe for Spring

  1. Can I substitute an equivalent amount of cat or chickens for the 1 cup dirty dog? Here’s hoping the baking goes well. The proof is in the . . . June garden?


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