Gossamer Sails: a poem about spiderwebs

Have you been noticing the summer spiderwebs these warm mornings? You see them in tall grasses, ditches, and meadows, sparkling as they catch the first light of the sun.

Okay, I’m not really out there at the crack of dawn, but that sounds good doesn’t it? “Sparkling as they catch the 7:00 sunshine” just doesn’t have the same poetic ring. Let’s just assume they sparkle in the first light of the sun as much as the later sun, ‘kay? Moving on . . .

These early spiderweb beauties really are quite captivating–delicately woven, strung with pearls of dew. They seem to almost evaporate entirely in the heat of the sun.

Last summer I actually wrote a poem about a particular kind of web that I’ll share with you now in honor of their reappearance.

Gossamer Sails

In the pearly dawn
a fleet appears
sailing the swells of the grassy sea

through misted curtain
they have come
silently, suddenly, wonderingly

if I could board one of these small intricate vessels
I would stand on the deck
with gossamer sails trembling above
and a cool breeze tumbling my hair in waves behind
thrilling to the adventure of heading into the unknown

but where is the captain to whom I would appeal?
she is a recluse, hiding below decks
keeping watch though unseen

alas, we belong to different worlds
this captain and I
passing each other only briefly on hushed summer mornings

so I let the dewy green sea carry me on
with a backward glance at the diaphanous fleet
wondering when I will spy these deft sailors again
gossamer sailing vessel


What are your approach-of-summer joys?

with love, Anita

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