Orange Yogurt Cake

I usually make my own yogurt in the Instantpot (pro-tip: it takes just as long, but if you have a "yogurt" button, there's no temperature guesswork), so I often throw in at least a half gallon of milk because we like granola & yogurt, smoothies, and cucumber raita on curries. However, as with most bulk … Continue reading Orange Yogurt Cake

New Ways, For Now

I live in the country and I homeschool my kids, so you'd think I already frequently shop online and use a lot of internet-based resources. But typically I don't. I might put in a shopping order once a month (is that a lot?), preferring to actually use my physical senses to assess items I want … Continue reading New Ways, For Now

Help me make a list!

Fill in the blank: Pandemic-induced time at home is the perfect time for ______________________. I'm putting "potty-training" in there! I see lots of juice and books in my future . . . Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash What's on your project list for the coming weeks? with love, Anita