Rabbit Trail: Natural Pools

You know when you're researching "chicken manure application" and then one of the websites you've visited has this gorgeous click-bait picture of a natural pool off to the side . . . no? Hasn't happened to you? Just me, then. Well, I went down the rabbit trail. I mean, look at this! found at: http://simplepooltips.com/building-natural-swimming-pools-eco-diy/Continue reading Rabbit Trail: Natural Pools


Soup for the Soul

I don't know if it's the up and down outdoor temps that did it, but my family's all got the mid-May sniffles. *sniffle* Not so fun after the gorgeous summer-like weather we were having during the past few weeks. So, to chase the chills away and bring us all back to health there's a pot … Continue reading Soup for the Soul