Motherhood School

I had to write sentences yesterday. There was what felt like an epic battle of wills involving much screaming (that high-pitched kind), crying, refusing to cooperate, etcetera. And I just lost it. I am not proud of myself. I hit. I yelled. All while saying, "you need to calm down and control yourself." Ironic but … Continue reading Motherhood School

Joyous New Year

2020 has been an epic year for many of us. In many unexpected ways. Here's to much hope and joy in the new one! The end of a year end of some hopes beginning of others thoughts, impressions, ideas gone flown on the wings of past days overshadowed by nights that followed yet a flock … Continue reading Joyous New Year

Link: “some comfort and joy”

Dear readers, You may remember last year this blog hosted an Advent series written by myself and several other women. Two of the most popular blog posts (here & here) were written by Sherah-Leigh Gerber and Gwen Lantz, respectively. These two talented women have now teamed up on a new blog called "some comfort and … Continue reading Link: “some comfort and joy”

Mid-Year’s Resolution

Is it ironic that this was the year I chose to use a daily planner as my New Year's self-improvement resolution?! That was useful until about mid-March, when Covid-19 cleared my social calendar completely. Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash So I've made a new resolution. Following the death of George Floyd and the ensuing … Continue reading Mid-Year’s Resolution