Pigeonholed by Personality

I've taken a variety of personality tests over the years. In a college course there was a test that matched personality traits to career options. I was down the middle on almost every single trait and got one career match: librarian. Then in a graduate class I was auditing, we did the Myers-Briggs. In a … Continue reading Pigeonholed by Personality


Summer Cooking

When the temps start rising this time of year, it gets harder and harder to turn on the oven. With minimal cooking and the ability to incorporate almost any vegetable the season offers, pasta salad becomes a go-to meal around our house for the summer. Diced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes (not too bad-tasting out of season … Continue reading Summer Cooking


I can hardly let May pass by without mentioning strawberry shortcake. We've been having a hard time finding strawberries to pick around here--apparently the rains hit at just the wrong time this spring. I feel bad for the strawberry farmers who had a short, wet season last year too. We did find some already-picked strawberries … Continue reading Shortcake