Forsythia I and II

When the air starts to warm each spring, the grass greens, bulbs start pushing new green shoots up through the lawn, and blossoms appear, I get the irresistible urge to write poetry. Some funny. Some maybe good. Most unbelievably sentimental trash, I'm sure. This year, the humor won. Read on if you dare . . … Continue reading Forsythia I and II

Recipe for Spring

by Gwen Lantz photo by Anita Recipe for Spring 1 blustery day 4 c. warm soil 1 c. dirty dog 3 c. happy daffodil faces 1 Tbsp seeds Smattering precocious weeds Smidgen of lenten ashes Liberal amounts of bird song and laughing children Take above regenerative ingredients and mix liberally with hope and rainfall for … Continue reading Recipe for Spring


I'm not a superhero many times not even a great mom or a wonderful person at all Caught up with all of you in the throes of a national crisis a global pandemic I find myself feeling quite ordinary my efforts infinitesimal compared to the magnitude of the galloping beast Living here at the foot … Continue reading Juice

Lent 4: The Lord is My Shepherd

For most of us these days, the Coronavirus pandemic has touched all parts of our lives, including Sunday morning worship. Thanks to my pastor, Marian Buckwalter, for sharing the following pertinent message with us this week that we can each enjoy from an appropriate distance. May you be blessed! **************************************************************************** Monday, when our son came … Continue reading Lent 4: The Lord is My Shepherd

Poem: “No Return Policy”

by Sherah-Leigh Gerber Grief is a roller coaster Trapped on a ride you didn’t choose Raising existential questions on a mundane Monday Grief is a marathon Tears unbidden as you unload the dishwasher and fold laundry  Unfinished business rising without a pretty bow Grief is a runaway train Relentlessly chugging over anything in its path … Continue reading Poem: “No Return Policy”